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Back to Basics: What is a Grid Slot? 

Ever wondered what grid slots are? We're taking things back to basics to shine a light on all things grid slots so you can get a good grasp on what makes the grid slot one of the most popular styles in iGaming.

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Here at Play’n GO, we pride ourselves on creating engaging experiences for players of all skill levels with varying interests in the world of iGaming. Many players will have an idea in their mind of what slot games are. Some will think about the classic three reel with one payline, filled with symbols of watermelons, cherries, and lucky number 7s, while others might think of the more common 5x3 reel video slots that offer a selection of special bonus features. 

But one of the most popular styles of slot games today is known as a grid slot, and, as pioneers of the industry, Play’n GO is home to some of the first. But what is a grid slot? Here we’re going back to basics to provide players with an in-depth look, answering questions such as “how does a grid slot work?” and “what is the difference between a video slot and a grid slot?” as well as taking a look at some of the most popular titles in the Play’n GO library. 


A Closer Look at Grid Slots 

At a base level, grid slots are a unique style of online slot game that has moved away from the traditional reel spinning found in video slots. Players still hit spin to change the symbols on the grid, just as they would with other video slots, but instead of the conventional line-based or way wins, grid slots utilise a grid (often in a 5x5 or larger setup) where winning combinations are created with horizontal and vertical connections between symbols.  

Once a winning combination of symbols is created, with the number of symbols that constitutes a win varying depending on the game, those symbols will disappear, and symbols above will cascade down to fill in the gaps, with new symbols appearing above. This can lead to chain reactions of wins should those cascades create new combinations.  

How Does a Grid Slot Work? 

Grid slots revolutionise the traditional slot experience with their dynamic gameplay, and the anticipation of new wins caused by cascades. Not only are these potential chain reactions an exciting feature of grid slots, but these wins can also trigger bonus features, often by charging up a meter with the number of symbols in each winning combination. These titles that involve a charge meter will then provide a different bonus feature when the charger is filled. These meters will then be reset once no more winning combinations are created and a new spin occurs.  

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What Types of Features are in Grid Slots? 

As we said above, grid slots are not just about forming clusters of winning symbols; they come packed with a variety of special bonus features that can lead to some exciting wins. From Expanding Wilds and random Symbol Transformations to multi-level bonus rounds and progressive multipliers, every grid slot will generally offer a unique adventure, especially those found in the Play’n GO library.  

If you're a fan of video slots, you'll find grid slots to be a refreshing twist on that gameplay, which can offer a more dynamic and interactive gameplay experience. And if you’re a complete beginner there’s no reason grid slots can’t be your first foray into iGaming. The innovative features found in grid slots such as Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness Portal Feature or Honey Rush 100’s unique Hexagonal Grid, can often lead to more significant and more exciting wins.

What are Play’n GO’s Top Grid Slots? 

In the world of iGaming, grid slots are one of the more recent additions, becoming increasingly popular over the the last decade. In fact, it was Play’n GO that pioneered this style of slot game, helping to create an innovative new way to enjoy slots. It was actually GEMiX that kicked off the popularity of grid slots as one of the first.

GEMiX screenshot

Following on from the release of GEMiX, other Play’n GO releases followed suit and adopted this exciting new gameplay style. It was games like those found in the the Reactoonz series including Energoonz, which was the first in the series and actually predates GEMiX, that really started to expedite the popularity of grid slots. With their unique styles and engaging gameplay features, as well as gripping designs, both visual and audio, these titles were becoming iconic entries in Play’n GO’s portfolio.  

As well as grid slot series like Reactoonz, other Play’n GO IPs got the grid slot treatment including the famed treasure hunter Rich Wilde. In Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness, our intrepid explorer would go toe-to-tentacle with Cthulhu and their cult while seeking the Elder God’s unholy book.  

Players will also see this style of gameplay in games like Viking Runecraft and the ever-popular Rise of Olympus series. In Rise of Olympus and Rise of Olympus 100, players are presented with a wealth of bonus features that ramp up the excitement including the aforementioned charge meter found in grid slot titles, and unique bonuses via the Hand of God feature as Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon help to clear the grid with their godly powers by adding Wilds, converting symbols, and removing symbols completely. 

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In essence, grid slots represent the evolution of online slots, showing that pioneers in the industry such as Play’n GO, continue to find new and innovative gameplay mechanics, and dynamic features to create thrilling experiences for players. So, if you're curious to explore beyond video slots, give grid slots a spin. You can demo slots online at Play’n GO, where you can learn how to play grid slots and find out all about how they work, first hand. And who knows? You might even discover your new favourite way to play. 

If you want to find out more about our collection of grid slots, then click below where you can find our entire range that you can demo for free! 





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