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Destaque de personagem: Conheça o Reactoonz!

With the release of Gargantoonz on 30 November 2023, we thought we'd treat fans to a guide to all the colourful creatures that inhabit the Reactoonz world. You can demo all the Reactoonz online slots here for free. Get your petri dish and lab equipment. We're going interstellar!

Apresentando os Pacotes de Energia

O portfólio Play'n GO slot é tão vasto quanto longo. Com mais de 300 títulos para fãs, decidir qual slot é perfeito para o público certo pode ser um desafio. 

Occasionally, a classic emerges – reinventing what quality slot game means. Beaming down from outer space (or Dr Toonz's laboratory) comes the Reactoonz series. Evolving from its esteemed starting block, we know as Energoonz, the Reactoonz series has gone from strength to strength with each passing year. The Reactoonz series is a grid slot saga from another galaxy with electrifying visuals, immersive lore and quirky mechanics. 

To celebrate the upcoming release of Gargantoonz, the latest chapter in the Reactoonz mythology, join us as we meet the colourful creatures that populate the Reactoonz world. 

Lista de personagens do site Reactoonz com seus nomes ao lado

Unitoon, Pentoon e Quantoon

This trifecta of alien electricity is quite the trio. Noted as being some of the cleverest reactoonz of the bunch, you can often catch these guys utilising their Gigantoonz powers and Mega Symbols to maximise their win potential.

Wacktoon, Tritoon e Glowtoon

Meet some of the original faces from Reactoonz society… or as they… Wacktoonz society. As their nickname suggests, Wacktoon, Tritoon and Glowtoon are quite the cheeky chaps, often playing silly pranks on their Reactoonz family. Catch these guys using their Flux Capacitor Wilds and Quantum Leap abilities in the original Reactoonz slot.

Blocktoon, Gemtoon e Spiketoon

Blocktoon, Gemtoon and Spiketoon are the hard workers of the Reactoonz world. Pioneering dynamic inventions such as the Quantameter and Electric Wilds found throughout Reactoonz 2 – Blocktoon, Gemtoon and Spiketoon’s intelligence is not to be trifled with.


This lone Reactoonz is quite the individual. Preferring his own company as opposed to rife social situations, Quantoon is perhaps best known for his Quantumeter abilities and experiments in Dr Toonz.


Gargantoonzare the mighty leaders of the Reactoonz. Using his dynamic powersets to his advantage, Gargantoon dominates the reels and champions evolution for all of his Reactoon underlings. The Gargantooz are known for their Experiment features, Fluctuating Symbols and are set to take centre stage in the upcoming Gargantoonz slot.

Alienígenas Reactoonz personagens




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