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Garagantoonz é a adição supernova do Play'n GOà série Reactoonz

Play’n GO retorna ao espaço profundo, pois a evolução da popular série Reactoonz continua com o mais recente grelha slot , Gargantoonz.

Play'n GO grelha slot  Gargantoonz

30 November 2023—Play’n GO returns to deep space as the evolution of their popular Reactoonz series continues with their latest grid slot, Gargantoonz.

Play'n GO is driven by pushing iGaming into a sustainable, progressive future and giving the fans what they want. Across the expansive 300+ slot portfolio – many titles, series and IPs have become fan favourites over the years – and the Reactoonz series is just that.

Returning to the colourful sci-fi world for the first time this year, the fandom’s wishes have finally been answered with Gargantoonz, the next out-of-this-world chapter in the Reactoonz story.

Following the events of Gigantoonz (2022), Dr Toonz successfully forges a small one-eyed Gargantoon: the first of its kind. Dr Toonz plans to conduct a series of prize-winning experiments on the lucky Gargantoon with the intention of introducing him to Reactoonz society and generate unimaginable riches.

Gargantoonz is a 7x7 cascading grid slot that features a deep blue backdrop, mimicking the dark, sci-fi void we call space – counterbalanced with colourful Reactoonz character symbols. The player’s goal is to clear five or more alien-themed clusters to create a win.

Neste jogo, o Dr Toonz tem muitos testes e ensaios na manga, evoluindo ainda mais a série ao introduzir novos "experimentos" intergalácticos, incluindo Raios Gama, Buraco Negro e Supernova. Ao carregar o medidor para desbloquear cada experimento, eles acrescentam novas maneiras de ajudar o jogador a ganhar no grelha , com Wilds adicionais e multiplicadores crescentes. O objetivo do jogo é fazer com que o pequeno Gargantoon evolua para a sua forma máxima que vimos nas prequelas.

Gargantoonz is another awesome chapter in the Reactoonz saga. The experiment-driven features really intertwine with the slot’s overall story. This latest addition to the popular IP continues to show the growth and innovation in grid slots that Play’n GO pioneered with their releases Energoonz and GEMiX. It’s pure zero gravity immersion.

Games Ambassador at Play’n GO, Magnus Wallentin said:

“We’re so happy that the Reactoonz series is back with more out-of-this-world features.”
“It’s been a year since their last adventure, we pondered ways in which we could innovate the series – while still including all of the galactic features that make the series unique. That’s why we chose to include the Experiment Charger and bind Dr Toonz’s experimentation narrative to the grid slot features in Gargantoonz. When players use the Black Hole, Supernova and Gamma Ray features, it really puts them at the heart of the experiment.”




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